Stalling: Why We Lose Lift

The grass is always greener for a good reason. Once upon a time, it was.



Photo by Stormseeker on Unsplash

Collectively we are stalling in greater numbers than ever before. To quote some rather alarming statistics:

Clearly, then, something is up. It certainly ain’t the sky!

If we take the premise that the underlying reason we stall stems from a loss of meaning, and if we also take the premise that the main reason we lose meaning stems from an inability to let go of something, that begs several questions.

  1. Why have we lost meaning on such a colossal scale, especially in the modern developed world?
  2. What is it we’re unable to let go of?
  3. What can we do to save ourselves before it’s too late?

Undeniably these are complex and difficult questions to answer, but since I’m writing a book, I best have a crack.

Let’s start with the obvious before taking a rapid nose dive off a cliff!

Heroic Individualism

On the surface, it seems we stall because we want something we can’t have. It’s like being grounded as a pilot. The desire to fly leaves us wishing for a different reality.

Of course, we want to be out and about, exploring the world and playing with our mates. We want to get…




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